Why buy an AC cover?

Why buy an AC cover?

Wondering why you would need an AC cover? There are plenty of reasons you should consider buying one. From aesthetics to protection, an AC cover can make a big difference in the lifespan of your air conditioning system. Here are some reasons you should cover your AC unit.


An AC cover helps hide your condenser

Whether you have a mini-split or central AC installation, the condenser (outdoor unit of your system) doesn't look very attractive. 

While most traditional mesh AC covers don't look that great either, the AirDeko™ cover provides a true aesthetic benefit. Its elegant design helps hide the condenser unit or your air conditioning system and make it blend nicely with your outdoor space. 


An AC cover can extend the life of your air conditioning system

An AC cover can help significantly increase the life of your air conditioning system. It helps prevent leaves or branches from getting inside your condenser, or obstruct the ventilation of your system. The right AC cover will provide the right amount of protection against tree debris. 

An AC cover also helps protect your unit from harsh weather conditions such as snow, hail and strong wind. The AirDeko™ cover has the added benefit that it can stay on your condenser year long, while mesh covers are only protecting during winter time. 

In certain states, hail storms can cause significant damages to your air conditioning system. Our AC cover is made of durable aluminum that acts as a natural protection against severe weather conditions. 


An AC covers can help reduce the noise of your system

The condenser of an A/C unit makes a lot of noise while the system is operating. If the unit is located close to your outdoor living space, the noise can disturb your peace.

The AirDeko™ cover reduces the noise of your system by up to 30% so that you can enjoy a more peaceful time outdoors.