Airdeko AC covers are easy to install

Airdeko Mini-Split Cover Installation Video

(size S, M, L)


Airdeko Central AC Cover Installation Video
(size XL, XXL, Jumbo)







Installation Manual for
Airdeko Mini-split Cover

Installation Manual for
Airdeko Central AC Cover

Choosing the right cover size

Mini-split cover sizes

Measure your mini-split compressor as shown on the diagram below. With the measurements, choose from one of the following sizing options :

Small: width 39.37 inches x height 27.56 inches x depth 19.68 inches
(between 6000 BTU and 15000 BTU)

Medium: width 45.27 inches x height 34.64 inches x depth 21.65 inches
(between 18 000 BTU and 24 000 BTU)

Large: width 47.25 inches x height 47.25 inches x depth 21.65 inches
(over 24 000 BTU)


Central AC/Heat pump cover sizes

Measure your central AC/heat pump compressor as shown on the diagram below. It is recommended to place the AirDeko cover on top of the concrete slab. Measure the width and depth of the slab and measure the height of your compressor from the slab to the highest point of your unit. With the measurements, choose from one of the following sizing options : 

XL : width 40 inches x height 40 inches x depth 40 inches

XXL : width 40 inches x height 60 inches x depth 40 inches.

Our cover fit any concrete slab size (from 30 to 45 inches width or depth), the height is the only difference between the two sizes.

If you have any questions about the cover size you need, send us a picture of your installation via text message at 305-439-5532.