The 'Mini-Split Friendly' Air Conditioning Cover

The 'Mini-Split Friendly' Air Conditioning Cover

Ductless ‘mini-split’ systems are gaining market shares on new system installations, due to their versatility and energy efficiency. Airdeko has helped thousands of homeowners cover their condensers to protect it and give it a nice modern appearance. In this article, we’ll review the design of our mini-split cover and share the findings of the efficiency tests we have conducted.

Louvered design

Our patented design is centered around strategically angled and spaced out louvers, that have been optimized over time, to provide the ultimate airflow circulation for your system.


Why are these louvers essential? Not just for visual appeal! They let the air circulate with minimum resistance, so that your system doesn’t overheat and performs as designed by the manufacturer. 


Airdeko Airflow Testing

As a product-focused company, we thoroughly test our products so that we can stand behind them with confidence. We have conducted numerous tests of our covers to make sure they are in compliance with the manufacturer’s standards.

Here is the summary of professionally conducted tests of the Airdeko mini-split cover. The measurements were taken repeatedly, directly on the condenser, with and without the cover. The results shows no difference in system pressure and a small variance of discharge air temperature that would not affect the overall unit performance. 




Our mini-split enclosures come in multiple sizes and colors. Please check our collection to find the model that’s right for you. We also have hundreds of customer reviews with photos to give you an idea of what the cover will look like once installed.