Protect your Air Conditioner for the Snow

Protect your Air Conditioner for the Snow

Admittedly, this wasn't the primary use case when we invented the Airdeko air conditioning cover, but many homeowners are seeing the benefits to protect their AC unit from massive loads of snow. 

AC cover snow protection

This photo was sent to us by a trusted customer based in Colorado, where snow can cause serious damage to air conditioners. It shows a massive amount of snow around their condenser, which luckily was protected by the sturdy Airdeko cover.

While some snow might still fall inside the condenser, the Airdeko cover protects the system from large chunks of snow falling on it and causing dents or irreversible damage to your condenser unit coil or blower fan. 

The Airdeko cover might take a dent or two, but that's what it was built for and will protect your condenser from costly damages. We use thick aluminum panel, which means no rust regardless of the condition, and lasting protection for your AC unit. 

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